OSI Lifetime Warranty

Our Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Protocols for Pre-Owned OEM Hardware

Every product we ship undergoes an extensive inspection by certified network technicians, ensuring among the lowest failure rates in the industry

Over the past decade the secondary market for network and data center hardware has changed significantly. Today an estimated $3 to $4 billion of pre-owned and surplus Cisco equipment is purchased annually by astute buyers intent on driving down costs and reducing waste. Much of the motivation to add pre-owned hardware to IT infrastructure is to reap the enormous cost savings. However, there are other fiscal advantages, including the measurable savings of reducing outages and the resultant downtime and lost productivity caused by frequent hardware upgrades and IOS software updates.

Infrastructure Valhalla: Reduced Costs While Lowering Risk

New components shipped by OEMs typically experience a 2% to 3% failure rate. This surprisingly high statistic is largely due to units which arrive with defects requiring immediate return or which fail during the “burn in” period. The “bathtub curve” widely used in reliability engineering demonstrates that the greatest risks of hazard function (failure) occur during the early failure phase. Over the expected useful lifecycle of equipment, the failure rate drops significantly following the “infant mortality” period and remains lower and constant due to unpredictable Random Failures. Toward the End-Of-Life of hardware, the failure curve rises again due to wear-out failure, an eventuality quantified by the manufacturer’s published Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) projections.

OSI Hardware’s quality inspected and tested hardware helps our customers avoid the risk, disruption, and outage costs associated with early failure. All pre-owned switches, routers, servers and optics undergo a rigorous 15-point Inspection and Testing procedure based on industry accepted best practices. By buying thoroughly tested, previously deployed hardware certified to be in “like new” condition by OSI technicians, early failure risk factors have largely been burned out or removed.

The result is an average RMA (return rate) of just .05%. Unlike many Third-Party Market (TPM) vendors offering 1-year or “limited” warranty, we provide a lifetime repair or replacement warranty. This “true” Lifetime Warranty coverage applies to all pre-owned, surplus and new-in-box hardware components sold by OSI Hardware, OSI Optics, and which qualify under our Systain IT Maintenance support programs. To maintain the highest performance standards possible, we do not sell refurbished hardware or replace any components in the units we inspect with non-OEM parts.

In the event of a failure within the first year, immediately upon notification our technical engineering support team will troubleshoot the issue until resolution or immediately approve an overnight advance replacement unit. By providing a level of support and responsiveness beyond standard OEM warranties, we consistently solve problems more quickly and help our clients avoid costly downtime and disruption of core business functions.

The protocols followed by OSI’s in-house engineers are a direct outgrowth of our expertise and countless manhours inspecting and testing OEM equipment sourced from the domestic and global secondary market. In addition to running dozens of diagnostic tests and reliability assessments, every item is subject to meticulous inspection to confirm authenticity, certify that all parts are original, and eliminate units containing refurbished components or which may be counterfeit. Following bench testing (performed twice), only optimal “like new” condition hardware is placed into inventory.

The OSI True Lifetime Warranty

Despite the growth of the Third-Party Market as a source of pre-owned hardware and strategic alternative to purchasing new OEM products, there continue to be widely divergent business practices among secondary market vendors. This is especially true in the standards applied to return and replacement coverage. According to industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester, many organizations reallocate IT budget to TPM suppliers in reaction to OEM End-Of-Life policies and “limited” warranty coverage which typically falls years short of the manufacturer’s own MTTF data.

Many buyers may find that after having committed to a hybrid strategy of supplementing OEM procurement with TPM-sourced hardware, there are warranty restrictions and replacement limitations in place. Obviously, this can diminish actual cost savings and erode confidence in the supplier. Our approach is to simplify the entire warranty process with a comprehensive and fair-minded policy:

True Lifetime Warranty

OSI Hardware OSI understands that network uptime is mission critical for any business, and our warranty is designed with that in mind. OSI offers a true lifetime warranty on all used and unused equipment.

Dedicated Technical Support

If you experience an equipment failure within one year of purchase, our technical engineering support team will either solve your problem over the phone with a sense of urgency or approve an overnight advance replacement unit.

Advanced Equipment Replacement

Our advance replacement allows for replacement units to be sent before the original unit has left your location. There will be no wait for repair or return of original equipment and we cover freight for the replacement as well as the return within this 1-year time frame.

Repair or Replacement for Life

After the first year, and for as long as you own the equipment, if you experience an equipment failure, you can send the equipment back to OSI and we will repair or replace the equipment with the exact model, or a model with the same functionality within 7 days of receipt.

100% Guaranteed Protection at an Affordable Price

For guaranteed overnight next business day advance replacement SLAs, our Systain maintenance & support provides the 100% guaranteed protection your network requires at a very affordable price.

About OSI Hardware

OSI Hardware is a leading supplier of pre-owned, surplus and new in-box IT infrastructure hardware for organizations seeking to break free from the constraints imposed by outmoded and self-serving OEM business practices. Our expertise and strong partnerships within the secondary market empowers our customers to avoid unnecessary expenditures, minimize complexity, and maximize the buying power of their IT budgets. OSI Hardware’s massive inventory of name brand routers, switches, servers, optics and cabling manufactured by Cisco, Juniper, Brocade and dozens of other vendors are consistently priced at 10% to 40% less than any available OEM price discounts. Our global reach and dedication to ensuring technology serves the business requirements of our customers has made us the “go-to” technology resource for clients here in the U.S. and Canada, and across the globe.