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Trust OSI Optics for Solutions to Expand Bandwidth Capacity, Extend Your Distance Capabilities and Optimize Your Use of Fiber

While standard transceivers are perfectly adequate for data handling and transfer tasks within the data center or over shorter distances, problems arise when 100G traffic needs to be transported over long distances. OSI Optics has proven, cost-effective technologies for overcoming distance and bandwidth challenges with distance extension and open-line, multi-channel DWDM solutions.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Use of Fiber:
Simple, cost-effective data center connectivity over dark fiber

When your infrastructure grows, or your business objectives shift toward moving ever-greater volumes of data across further distances, we invite you to explore the Distance Extension solutions we can customize for your specific needs:

100G Distance Extension Solutions

The use of a transponder can be the most straightforward approach for meeting your distance extension requirements. The 100G output signals from your existing switches are converted to DWDM signals that can be transmitted over longer distances using solutions by Smartoptics and available from OSI Optics. For example, the DCP-101 Transponder removes distance limitations with a coherent DWDM CFP transceiver to connect the output signal of the DCP-101 to the line fiber and carry the signal over longer distances.

100G multi-channel DWDM networking

Alternatively, the use of transponders with passive DWDM multiplexers/demultiplexers can serve to provide multi-channel distance extension solutions for any compatible 100G switch. The advantage of DWDM mux/demuxes art that they allow multiple traffic channels to be transported over one single dark fiber. Up to 80 independent traffic channels can be combined, offering a simple and cost-efficient way to connect switches over longer distances.


100G long-distance open-line DWDM networking

We also recommend 100G switches with OSI Optic’s intelligent DWDM multiplexer. By taking full advantage of this class of distance extension, signal monitoring and amplification capabilities, you can achieve multi-channel distance extension that allows the switches to be connected over even greater distances, up to 1000 kilometers.

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