Optimal quality, ultra-reliable OSI Optic transceivers are coded in-house to your specifications and guaranteed 100% compatible with your entire infrastructure

Save 70% to 90% off OEM list price on our inventory of factory sealed transceivers.

Trust OSI Optics for all your active and passive fiber optic needs, including amplifiers, Mux/Demux, jumpers, connectors and cabling.

Ultra-Reliable, Certified Server Memory from OSI Hardware Delivers Big Value as Market Demand Jumps and Prices Climb

Strong growth in the server sector is driving up DRAM prices, making the case even more compelling for OSI-branded DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 DIMM memory modules.

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Competitive Landscape: Partnering with Third-Party Maintenance Providers for Data Center and Network Maintenance Cost Optimization

Should you rely on OEM-only IT maintenance to meet your evolving operational objectives? Gartner Research Director Christine Tenneson says “absolutely not.”

Author: Gartner
(July 2017)

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Quantifying the Bathtub Curve: Preowned Hardware Doesn’t Just Save Dollars, It Makes Sense

Used network and data center components from OSI Hardware have a significantly lower RMA (failure rate) than new, factory sealed products (.03% to .05% for preowned vs. 2% to 5% for OEM). Read how you can avoid the burn-in phase of your IT hardware buying preowned.

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